How Does It Work?

Open FASCANO on your phone or tablet

Scan QR code on the table to view the menu.

Place your order.

Waiter brings your order to you.


FASCANO enables your customers to browse your menu, place their order and pay with no hassle and within one App. FASCANO also allows them to view and reorder their previous orders.

Digital menu

Have your menu well presented on the app with attractive photos of your dishes, which would make our users press that order button with no hesitation.

Track Your Order

FASCANO allows you to track and view the status of your order all the way.

Boost Sales

Having your digital menu on FASCANO allows you to add attractive photos alongside each item on your menu, showcase new and popular items, promote special and exclusive offers, upsell to your customers by suggesting side dishes, beverages and more.

Showcase Your Brand

With FASCANO you can add your unique touch to your profile, by adding your logo and photos of your restaurant.

Restaurant Dashboard Feature
Manage Your Business

Manage most aspects of your business using our dashboard.


Manage Your Digital Menu

Manage and keep your digital menu up-to-date. Using our dashboard you can add, remove and amend all your items whenever you need to!

Insights and Analytics

Access to consumer insights and analytics that you can translate into concrete intiatives to drive sales and market growth for your business.

Take Orders

Your waiters can use the app to take orders from customers. This will help your team stay on top of everything, such as customer special dietary requirements and any other requirements a customer may have.

Our Partners

Who We Are

We areFASCANO and our aim is to revolutionise and improve the food and drinks industry. FASCANO was developed with an idea in mind to make the whole dining out experience be as smooth and seamless as it can be for all our users.

Keep an eye out for FASCANO QR codes in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, gyms, stadiums and any other venue so you can SCAN and ORDER FAST!

Start using FASCANO today!

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